Ranjana and Eddie’s practice is focused on providing their clients with an in-depth Liberating Know How 9-month Mentoring program or Regenerative Healing Intensives. After completing the 9-month mentoring course or individual intensives, clients can book follow-up one off zoom or face to face sessions. 

9 Months - Liberating KNOW HOW - Mentoring with Ranjana and Eddie

Ranjana and Eddie assist impact leaders, artists, writers, actors, CEOs and creative geniuses to navigate life, to discover and trust their inner compass and know how to flow with purpose, power, prosperity and Presence. They work with men and women from all walks of life, from different parts of the world, to help them make an impact and serve humanity. 

"We help you find your direction, help you unlock your ability to stay on track, draw Goodness into your life and know yourSELF." Ranjana and Eddie

During these 9 months of online interactive personal development, inquiry, support and in depth mentoring you will KNOW HOW to handle: stress, success, failure, relationships, time constraints, health challenges, family pressures, goals, expectations, conflict, confusion, tests, unexpected events and more. This way of working will liberate you from fear, doubt, and lack. It is an invitation to go beyond what you know and understand, to shine and transform not just your life but all life. 

We schedule weekly video conference calls, respond to queries with WhatsApp messaging, email support, laughter, realistic encouragement, practical exercises, signposts, and help you create an ongoing flexible plan. The support, mentoring, sessions, confidentiality, and practical self-help you receive is custom designed for you. It is an opportunity for you to engage with your work, play, relationships, family and friends free from reactivity and fear. For those who embark on this journey, life takes on new meaning. The cost of this program is £9000. Please call us on +44 (0) 7484 676 957 if you would like to liberate your life and KNOW HOW. 

Regenerative Healing Intensives

These Regenerative Healing Intensives are restorative, strengthening, purifying, and enlightening. They include LiberatingTouch®, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu, clarifying discussion, in depth inquiry and bodywork, healthy nourishment, as well as time to rest and integrate. The focus of the Intensive is to help you on the journey of Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Knowledge, and Self-Fulfillment. With Ranjana and Eddie you unravel your desires and attachments, discover what binds your mind to suffering and keeps you from following your Truth. By questioning the limited and often painful stories of the world and yourself that you have adopted, and by combining this with ancient energy balancing techniques, you can open to acceptance, spontaneous joy, profound healing, and dynamic positive change.

These focused sessions are especially good for those of you that want to work intensively. A one-day intensive is equivalent to booking 4 weekly 90 minute sessions. These Intensives are more cost effective than individual sessions.

To Book, plan and customise your Regenerative Healing Intensive email or call UK +44 7484 676957.

The cost includes:

  • Time for in-depth inquiry
  • ​LiberatingTouch®
  • ​Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions 
  • ​A​ light vegetarian lunch
  • ​Clarifying conversation and 
  • ​Time for Q&A

Timings are generally 10 am to 5pm - Approximately 4.5 hours of ‘session’ time and 2 hours for Rest and Refreshments.

  • ONE DAY –  £390*
  • TWO DAYS – £590* recommended for all new clients. 
  • THREE DAYS – £800.00
  • FIVE DAYS – £1080.00

*Concessions are available for one day and two-day intensives (£190, £290 respectively)

A session begins with asking you what you want, what you would like to resolve and how you live your life. This reveals information about the flow of life-force energy and your state of being. It indicates where you need help. Unlike western medicine, the emphasis is not on diagnosing, fixing or curing, but on harmonising, balancing, and finding a way to experience relief and healing. With LiberatingTouch®, you can stimulate specific energy balancing locations while tuning into the presenting issues, with focused awareness.

By working  with what is on your mind, connecting to the wisdom in your Heart, you formulate a plan of action to discover your innate potential and healing. This art yields amazing results. It is effective in relieving stress, anxiety and pain. It has a dramatic effect on emotional problems, and people frequently have experiences of spiritual integration during or after a session. Stress is alleviated and the client leaves feeling much more centred and relaxed. For some, it opens the “doors of possibility” and allows them to achieve their goals effortlessly. Ranjana and Eddie gauge the level of stress (disharmony) that is stored in the body-mind and then help you release this safely, gently and effectively. 

They facilitate:

  • Transformation and Healing
  • Self-Exploration and Understanding
  • Awareness and Communication
  • Clarity and Congruent Action

Jin Shin Jyutsu is incorporated into these Intensives. The Jin Shin Jyutsu session generally lasts 40 minutes and does not involve massage or use of substances. It is a gentle, yet powerful art, practiced by placing fingertips (over clothing) onto the safety energy locks in specific combination until complete harmony of energy and pulsation is established. During these Intensives you may experience healing through Connection to Source, Clear Inquiry and Loving Touch. You discover how to action Love and Truth.

Liberating Partnerships 

Ranjana and Eddie also provide Regenerative Healing Intensives for couples that want to create a Liberating Partnership. A Liberating Partnership is one that breaks the mould of stereotypes, allowing you both to step into empowered supportive roles, and help each other become self-confident. Achieving and sustaining this kind of partnership requires an investment of time and energy. In these LiberatingTouch® Healing Intensives, you focus on creating connections, opening new channels of communication, noticing expectations, managing projections, and celebrating the good. You discuss how a committed partnership can be one of the most accessible way of experiencing profound unconditional Love and eternal Truth. The willingness to transcend habitual patterns frees you both, to create a partnership rooted in Love and Truth.
Please call us for your free consultation.

TWO DAYS - £700.00 (Concessions £440) 

“Yes, you are going to be, feel and think differently (and sometimes at odds) with your partner. What draws the miraculous and mysterious magic into a relationship, is the inner yearning for UNITY and oneness with the Creator Source.” Ranjana

Cost of Individual Mentoring, LiberatingTouch® & EFT Zoom or Face to Face Sessions with Eddie and Ranjana:

  • £300 for 2 hours
  • £270 for One and a half hours or
  • £180 for One hour

*Concessions are £160 for 2 hours, £108 for One and a half hours or £90 for One hour

EFT International Practitioner Mentoring with Ranjana: 

For those that need to book Individual face to face or phone EFTi Mentoring Sessions the cost is £120 for One hour or £200 for 2 hours. 

*Concessions are £150 for 2 hours, £115 for One and a half hours or £75 for One hour

For Organisations:

Ranjana and Eddie work with organisations that want to alleviate stress, enhance communication, heal discord and integrate flow in the workplace. They understand the importance of confidentiality and do not share the details of their clients. Their day rate is £880

​Client Experiences​

“Words cannot express how much gratitude I feel for all the help you have given me, and for all the love and joy that knowing you has brought t my life. You are one of life’s treasures, and the work you do is very special. With all my heart – Thank you.” Champa

“I wanted to let you know that this morning whilst lying in bed, I checked in on my story of me in the little boat lost at sea and what a change. Now my boat has a little white sail and I am sitting with a rudder in my hand, steering myself towards a little island that I can see in the distance. The sky is blue with a few white clouds and the sea is a little choppy but nothing I can't handle. I also have a sea gull sitting on the side of the boat near me, he is looking just like Jonathan Livingston Sea Gull and I feel like we are going on an adventure together. I am amazed at the change, THANK YOU SO MUCH.” Julie

“Thank you, thank you both very much, So good to feel the freedom... To Laugh, Cry, Smile, Learn and BE. Good to observe and take part at the same time, Interesting feeling a change in myself and watching others change. As always most impressive to see your artistry, like a tapestry growing and changing all the time. Very good very good, and you’re so mischievous with it all, absolutely great to see you in action.

I feel inspired and so much feels easier, so much seems to be slotting into place as the resistance and fear of change seems to be lessening....May you both always be in the abundance of the moment many thanks and much love” Maria

“Thank you so much for my session on Friday. My work with you has left me feeling so vibrant and alive. The work you are doing is so valuable to the world. To be able to enable us to walk in light and be in our power is incredible. I have new understanding, new hope, revived spirit and a new desire to really live!” Elaine

“Thank you truly for the most amazing two days of spoiling, fun and fascination. It was wonderful to spend time with you both. I feel so blessed to have met you and privileged beyond belief to have such glorious wisdom and support from you. Thank you for everything. Sending you sunbeams from my smiling face.” Kim

“I have over the years of support from the Emotional Health Centre - with Ranjana and Eddie, grown in confidence with a sense of emotional peace and love into a more professional therapist and practitioner as well as a more supportive person in my personal life. My everlasting gratitude to you both!

Training - The teaching that I have received from Ranjana and Eddie is not like any classroom experience but like a nurturing wise sage giving their time and energy to your own learning and achievements - they recognise the different types of students - I'm a visual and practical student and they allowed me that space to explore and learn at my own pace. Thank you both for giving me that luxury.

Intensives - wow - powerful stuff - this is as it says on the tin - intensive practice but I found that with the nurturing, caring and loving patience of Ranjana and Eddie - I started to unfold and move through my feelings with safety.

The 8 Day - once I stepped into the 8 days and embraced it - I experienced liberation, freedom, love and most of all peace. I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to find their true SELF.

The 11 Weeks - 'when the student is ready the teacher will appear' Ranjana and Eddie have been appearing for me for some time but this Liberating Touch Training is like nothing I had experienced before - I am truly grateful to be able to learn such a great practice not only for myself but for my clients - I am glad to have this particular teaching in my tool box - I use it all the time!

Sessions - I love, love, love my sessions with Ranjana and Eddie - they seem to be able to get to the core of any issues very quickly with a great understanding of the person - a very person-centred experience - highly recommended and just wish I lived closer to be able to call in these sessions more often.

Support Days - once all the training is complete, they don't leave you high and dry like other places - they are there with mentoring days and support calls - always following up on their students with a strong commitment to helping and nurturing your ongoing practice and learning. Thanks for this great resource

The Community Call - where would I be without this fantastic resource - it’s great to be able to talk and see the others that have been working with Ranjana and Eddie in their own learning and healing in a regular monthly call - it’s so reassuring to be able to share our combined knowledge and experiences and get some great advice to boot.” Donna

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