What is LiberatingTouch® ?

LiberatingTouch® (LT) is an art that can help anyone to progressively step into their Truth, discover their innate power to heal themselves in all areas of life, and realise the magnificence of the SELF. It has been described as the practical path of Love & Truth (LT).

Quite simply, LiberatingTouch® is the practice of connecting to Truth, i.e. pure infinite omniscient knowing, and accessing Love, the healing power within you to make profound shifts. You will learn powerful Self-Responsibility protocols with which you can acknowledge, understand and witness the cause of distress in your life, and utilise effective sequences to  create Peace. The LT processes support you in making positive healing decisions and changes. By understanding the cause of your issues and by stimulating various locations on the face, chest and fingers, you can balance the body’s energetic field and heal mental and emotional suffering. The components of LiberatingTouch® include; connecting to the Universal Self, Touch with Awareness, Breath Awareness, Meditative Inquiry, Intuitive Listening, Story Telling, Understanding Dreams and Metaphors, Sketching, Music, Movement, Creative Visualisation, Eastern Philosophy, and experiential knowledge of the forces that shape us.

​LiberatingTouch® is a dynamic combination of processes and sequences that incorporate EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Jin Shin Jyutsu, common sense, explorations in subtle energy, investigations into the way the mind stores suffering and the Transformative Power of Love. This art reveals  pathways to ‘uncreate’ suffering, confusion, judgement, pain, fear, lack of confidence, trauma, and the many wounds of the mind, so that you can experience and share Truth, Love, Joy, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Compassion and Peace.

“The mind has no distinct ​shape or form. It assumes the shape or form of the thing it is associated with. Wandering from wish to wish, flitting from one desire to another – this is its nature. Thus, the mind is the cause of joy and grief, of elation and depression. The mind is prone to gather experiences and store them in memory. It does not know the art of giving up. Nothing is cast away by the mind. As a consequence, grief, anxiety, pain and misery continue simmering in it. The question is how do you train the mind to give up what you don't want. You can use meditation, inquiry, or other rigorous spiritual disciplines. We have developed LiberatingTouch® as a practical method for Self-Realisation...Once you teach the mind to detach from the story of fear, suffering and pain, then Love and Bliss become your nature.” Ranjana and Eddie

LiberatingTouch® can be used to reclaim your power (energy) so that you are free to grow, heal, and live in harmony with Truth and Love. If everything is energy, then we can say that trauma, anger, love, money are all expressions of energy. With LiberatingTouch® we uncreate negative conditions, free trapped energy from the mind (unrequited desires, suffering and memories of pain) and illuminate the immense healing power of the Heart. LiberatingTouch® can be a vehicle that takes us home to that place of healing within us.

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​Client Experiences​

“LiberatingTouch® is amazing! I found myself having waves of joy and laughter constantly and a sense of complete freedom that I have never experienced before.” Maria

“I particularly love your focus on a light, meditative approach… an intensely present focus (I think you used the word ‘deliberate’). In my own field, the expression would be ‘mindfulness’. I think this is the keys to the Kingdom and it ran like a constant theme through everything you said….“LiberatingTouch is a tool to practise Higher Consciousness” – yes, yes, yes! And another thing I came away with is: “... I allow space between me and this experience”. A beautifully liberating set of words. Thank you” John

“I am just home to my cottage ....and wanted to email you before sleeping. There are words....maybe not enough but I will try. The time with you was way beyond anything I ever imagined it could be. The way you work is extraordinary......clearly connected to Divine energy, no ego, no judgement, abundant intelligence and knowing, pure LOVE. Thank you for your endless patience, your warmth and infectious joy......and yes, the wall headstand! Most of all thank you for bringing me closer to my God. That morning session today is beyond words....the bliss was indescribable. Eternal gratitude.... Love love love” Luisa

“I have first-hand experience of this incredible balance-bringing modality, it's truly amazing. A must for anyone who wants to effortlessly move into all they ARE” Deborah

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