LiberatingTouch® Workshops

The LiberatingTouch® Foundations Day 

Sunday 29th March, Bexhill on Sea, UK, 10am to 5.30pm

Join us for an introduction to LiberatingTouch® which incorporates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Jin Shin Jyutsu, and explorations in subtle energy. Together we will investigate how the mind stores suffering and how to heal with the transformative power of Love and Truth.

We will:

  • Learn about the 4 main Tenets of LiberatingTouch®
  • Practice Unconditional Listening and Meditative Inquiry
  • Learn practical exercises to experience detachment (the secret of freedom from suffering)
  • Experience the power and simplicity of holding the fingers

AND discover

  • What is EFT and why is it so effective?
  • How do negative emotions disrupt my energy system?
  • How can a healthy energy system improve my life?
  • Learn the basic EFT recipe

Most of our UK workshops have a maximum of 6 to 10 people. All participants get individual attention and support. This promises to be a wonderful day for beginners, self-help enthusiasts and practitioners. The workshop is designed to enable you to learn to use these techniques for yourself and others. Areas worked with include negative emotions, physical pain and relationship challenges. You will see demonstrations, as well as having the opportunity to experience EFT and LiberatingTouch® first hand. The focus will be on self-help and discovering and maintaining peace and harmony in daily living. It is always special.

£90 for the day includes course materials, refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. We offer a discount to review students and for those requiring concessions (i.e. only £45 for the day).

The LiberatingTouch® ‘Heart of Understanding’ 8 Day Class 

8th August - 15th of August 2020, 10am to 5.30pm daily, Bexhill-on-Sea, UK

The ‘Heart of Understanding 8 Day Class’ is a self-development class that has been specifically designed for Truth seekers, humanitarians, holistic health practitioners, spiritual explorers, change agents and innovative conscientious leaders. Together we will explore and experiment, witness demonstrations, and learn practical ways to heal the mind. Our focus is to liberate the mind from fear and attachment and experience the Power of Truth and Love. This class is intended to be an experiential adventure of awareness and discovery, for regaining your power and Self-confidence and for opening the doors to Self-Realisation. LiberatingTouch® is a system that combines meditative inquiry and healing touch to help you remember the eternal goodness and beauty of the Self.

  • Explore all areas of your life with Love and Truth
  • Discover how to let go of the past, belief systems and suffering
  • Know infinite power and potential
  • Dive into Presence

In this class you discover that LiberatingTouch® is not only a healing art, it provides students with insights into Vedantic philosophy (ancient wisdom), the laws of creation and the mysteries of the Self. Students learn how to access intuition and go with the guidance, they discover anything is possible when they are in alignment with Love and Truth.

The minimum pre-requisite for joining this class is attendance of the LiberatingTouch®  Foundations Day or 2 LiberatingTouch® Intensives and the completion of one detachment process. When you enrol for the LiberatingTouch® 8 day - Heart of Understanding Class you also get 1-year email support. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Depending the venue and organiser, the cost for the class is generally about £900 for new students, and £450 for review students.

During these 8 days we will explore

  • The Origins of LiberatingTouch® and its On-going Dynamic Development
  • The Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology, Art and Practice of LiberatingTouch®
  • Exposing the Lie, Awakening Awareness & BEing in your Power
  • Steps to Reclaim Personal Power
  • The LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process
  • The 4 main Tenets of LiberatingTouch® and their Practical Applications
  • Letting go of Limiting Beliefs & Adopting Life Enhancing Beliefs
  • Reframing and Opening to Shifts in Cognition
  • Working with Memory & Trauma
  • The Importance of Embracing the Hurt Inner Child and Healing Memory
  • Working with Stored Negative Experiences & Generational Pain
  • The Journey Home
  • Exploring the Mind - Story, Identification and Transcendence
  • The Journey from Suffering to Source – From Fear to Love
  • Understanding the Shadows
  • Embracing and Learning from the Paradox
  • Interweaving Storytelling & Imagery
  • Parables, Stories, Legends, and Folklore employed in LiberatingTouch®
  • Creating Visualisations and Inner Journeys
  • Enlightening the Mind
  • Understanding Desire
  • Using LiberatingTouch®
  • The Alchemy of LiberatingTouch®
  • The 4 main stages of Healing, Awakening and Self-Realisation with LiberatingTouch®

Email Ranjana and Eddie at for more info and to register

Ongoing Mentoring and Support

Ranjana and Eddie provide unparalleled mentoring and support for all their students, practitioners and facilitators. On the First Thursday of most months EHC trainers, facilitators, and serious LiberatingTouch students can join the mentoring and support community call 11.00am to 1.00pm for free.

Online Classes and Weekend Workshops

REAL FREEDOM: Know the Power of Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Letting Go

REAL FREEDOM is a 5 Week in-depth Online Practical Exploration of Acceptance, Letting Go and Forgiveness - May 2020

We will meet every Friday in May 2020 on Zoom (Zoom Video Conference Calls) at UK time 10am - 12pm, beginning on the 1st of May and ending on the 29th of May to understand and implement the power of Acceptance, Letting Go and Forgiveness.

The fastest way to break through the cycle of suffering is to let go, this can happen through inquiry, acceptance and forgiveness. Letting go is not to be confused with quitting, it is the art of surrender, the art of courage and freedom. The knowing that in emptying ourselves we can welcome wealth and wisdom. The inhale follows the exhale and life flows by giving and receiving.

Acceptance opens doorways and illumines pathways
Letting go gives us the freedom to choose
Forgiveness unburdens us of the past and liberates our future

During these 5 Weeks we will study, implement and experience the benefits of letting go, acceptance and forgiveness. It will not be easy at first, but it will reveal many possibilities, and point the way to creating an effortless liberating reality. FREEDOM is in your hands - NOW.

Every week we will cover a different aspect of letting go, acceptance and forgiveness:

Week 1: May 1st 2020, The Dynamics of Lasting Change
Without letting go, acceptance or forgiveness there is no lasting change

Week 2: May 8th 2020, Permission
Most people don’t: have permission to be free, know how to let go of doubt, embrace adversity and forgive lack.

Week 3: May 15th 2020, Sabotage
All the things that stop us from knowing Truth and taking positive action

Week 4: May 22nd 2020, The Paradox
It’s like a dance, you move forward, you move backwards, you twirl and let the music flow through you

Week 5: May 29th 2020, REAL FREEDOM
Create the Reality you want

There will be a dedicated Facebook group for Q&A and support set-up for the 5 weeks. It will be disbanded soon after. You will have opportunities to practice everything you learn and have time in-between calls to absorb and integrate your understanding.

Pre-requisites: Although there are no pre-requisites, attendance of a LiberatingTouch Foundations day and/or EFT Practitioner Training is recommended. You will be given short videos to watch before we begin in May as preparation.

Cost: £340 (Bank Transfer) £350 (Paypal) Concessions £220 (Bank Transfer)
This will include:
- Weekly group 120-minute video-conference call (real time attendance of all 5 calls are not necessary, although it will be useful to attend a minimum of 2 of these calls)
- Audio recordings of all calls will be made available to participants.
- Self-help exercises, insightful tips for each week, and follow-up exploration
- A dedicated FB group for posting and keeping in touch beginning one week prior to the program for 5 weeks.

To register kindly email Ranjana at or message her on Facebook. THANK YOU

Some FAQ:

1. Will i need to interact with the other participants after the video conference calls?

No, you do not need to, there are no swaps or discussions with others scheduled in the May class.

2. What if i miss a call?

You will be sent a recording, so no worries. You will benefit by attending 2 or more of the calls.

3. Will there be a lot of self-help to do?

No, it will broken down into manageable chunks over the 5 weeks and there is no pressure on you to complete the self-help. It will be entirely in your hands.

4. Can i get a concession?

Yes, if you are an OAP, are on low income, or in debt. Please message us with your request.

5. Will this class go towards my CPD? Yes, it can. If you need a certificate, let us know and we will provide you with certificate for 12 hours of CPD

6. What if i have a question, or i feel stuck?

There will be a dedicated facebook group, where you can post what is happening with you and we will respond within 24 hours. Aternatively, you can message us privately on facebook.

7. Will i have any private time with Ranjana or Eddie on this course?

Sorry, no. All interaction will be via the group conference calls or on the facebook group.

8. Do i need to pay in advance?

Yes please, preferably by the 20th of April. Thank you

9. I already do other forgiveness practices including ho'oponopono, will this help me?

YES, yes, yes, i will mention ho'oponopono as well as radical forgiveness, but we won't be focusing on them. Our focus is freedom through understanding and implementing letting go, acceptance and forgiveness.

Ageless (Eternal) Beauty 

A 4-week online program scheduled for October 2020

This online program is an invitation to explore the natural grace of the body, the healing animating life-force, the potential of your mind, the strength of your intuition and the bliss of the SELF. We will utilise LiberatingTouch® to help us heal and grow in understanding. Together we will explore:

  • Ageless (ETERNAL) Beauty
  • Weightless (PURE) Mind
  • Graceful (LOVING) Body
  • Sacred (TOTAL AND COMPLETE) Alignment

The cost of this program is £270, for Review students and concessions it is £220.

This will include:

  • Weekly group 90-minute video-conference call (real time attendance of all 4 calls are not necessary, although it will be useful to attend a minimum of 2 of these calls)
  • Audio recordings of all calls will be made available to participants.
  • Each participant will also receive a 60-minute personal skype session
  • Self-help exercises, nutritional tips for each week, and follow-up self-help suggestions
  • A dedicated FB group for posting and keeping in touch beginning one week prior to the program for 5 weeks.
  • The 90-minute call are scheduled for 10.30am – 12.00pm UK time

For more information please email We have only 9 places available.

To find out more do visit the official website 

Student Experiences:

“Good morning Ranjana and Eddie, I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me! For your caring supportive loving, generous, hospitality, wisdom and knowledge including the most amazing hands on therapy I have ever received. I loved the two days and feel I was meant to be in that group at that time. It was easy for me to 'fit in' with the non-judgemental loving thoughts and support I received from the other participants! How lucky am I!” Michelle

“Just finished 8 days with Eddie and Ranjana. LiberatingTouch® is a profound yet unique way of liberating your life, coming into our own personal power. I have been exposed to many different modalities including EFT, Matrix, The Journey, and NLP; yet LT has a unique yet profoundly guided combination of many different modalities that I am just beginning to embrace. I look forward to using more LT sequences. I was absolutely awed with Ranjana's unique approach to each and every different scenario, demos with each one of us, one by one! Treating each one wholistically, and with so much love. The subject matter was very informative and each day it was beautifully explained by both Eddie and Ranjana. Stories were interwoven with personal experiences to make it more real.” Reeta

“Hi there, here is some feedback on day 2 of the LT 8-day Seminar. For me, I look at the 4 tenets of LiberatingTouch® as a foundation to life. Throughout my life’s experience I would say that I have been searching to find a way to acknowledge and integrate these 4 pillars. I have looked in many places. Seeking to join what is, has been, fragmented within. It is hard to believe that a lasting freedom is possible for me. Working with these tenets, identifying and connecting with them, encompassing the self with this message, brings forth the power of possibility for me. I have been and am resisting the integration of all that empowers my spirit and yet, every teaching is hammering on my door. This course I feel will be a challenge for even the most willing participant in a very beautiful way. Excellent, profound, enriching, an experience of opening, opening the flower within. And only day two xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” Maria

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