LiberatingTouch®​​ Facilitator Training

The 11 Week LiberatingTouch Online  Facilitator Training, April 2021

This can be compared to attending a part-time college programme. You will be attending a virtual LiberatingTouch School for 11 weeks. You can log in online almost every week for the lecture and demo, you will be given weekly self-help homework, assignments, supervision and mentoring. Our focus will be on practicing the art, experiencing the flow of Love, and aligning ourselves with the internal Truth compass. 

11 weeks

  • 9 Group Video Conference Sessions (22 hours in total)
  • 1 Individual Mentoring session mid-course (1.5 hours)
  • 1 Individual assessment (2.5 hours)
  • Maximum of 8 participants

The purpose of this training is twofold:

  • ​To provide students with support and structure for in-depth study and exploration
  • ​To train students to become safe and competent LiberatingTouch Facilitators.


  • Attendance of two 8 Day Classes or one 8 Day Class and three LT 2 Day intensives
  • EFT Practitioner Training EFT International Level 1&2
  • JSJ 5 Day Class or Advanced JSJ Self Help classes
  • Completion of 4 Essays


  • Attendance of the weekly video conference calls or mentoring session
  • Completion of the Weekly Written Assignments – One client session and/or one self-reflection essay (approximately 500 words)
  • Weekly swap sessions with a fellow student
  • Daily Self-Help

Cost of the Training is £900 (£300 per month) this includes the assessment fee. £450 for review students

“We believe that it is vital to share with student facilitators the skills and resources that will help them be open to whatever life throws at them. This degree of openness takes dedication, willingness and compassion. At the Emotional Health Centre, we specialise in helping you find your authenticity, your gifts and talents, your true (reality) power and an undiluted (uncontaminated) sense of Self.” Ranjana and Eddie 

The 11 Weeks:

Week 1: What creates an LT Facilitator? The Basic Steps of LT and the way forward,​ the art of weaving, calibrating and going with the guidance, the 4 Tenets. LT Philosophy, Activity, Psychology, Art

Week 2: Understanding Power, helping your client reclaim Power, Finding the right Sequence, Articulating the process from personal to cosmic power

Week 3: How to: The Processes and Sequences, Work with Resistance, Fear, and Belief Systems

Week 4: Mentoring Week

Week 5: Working with Memory and Trauma

Week 6: Trauma in relation to Addictions, Eating Disorders, Lack of confidence, Depression and Chronic Conditions

Week 7: How to: The Processes and Sequences, Work with the 9 Step Sequence, Drawing or Music

Week 8: Desires and Surrender

Week 9: Shadow Work

Week 10: The Journey (The many ways forward, the many ways to fulfilment, the many ways home) 

Week 11: Assessment (Individual sessions 2.5 hours)


LiberatingTouch® Online Facilitator Training FAQ

1. What exactly happens on this training? How much time will it take?

This training is an in-depth exploration of what it means to be a ​LiberatingTouch® (LT) Facilitator. It will take you through the philosophy, activity, psychology, and art of ​​LiberatingTouch® . You will be required to attend 9 videoconference calls some of them 2 hours long some of them 3 hours. They are all live and not pre-recorded. Following the calls, you will be given 3 assignments for the week, one focused daily self-help exercise, one swap session with a group member, one reflective essay or case study to write-up. We expect you will need to dedicate approximately 7 hours a week to this training. 

2. Why do you allow only a limited number of attendees?

As this is not a webinar-based course, you will not be able to sit back and simply “receive” knowledge, it requires you to participate fully. That means that we can only host a maximum of 8 students for the video conference calls so that everyone will be seen and heard. It also has assessment and mentoring components. Eddie and I are expecting to dedicate 18 -21 hours if not more every week to the class. We will not physically be able to take on more than 8 students.

3. What if I miss a week?

We will make an audio recording of every live session which will be available to you for the duration of the class (12 weeks). If you have no choice and have to miss one week, you can listen to the audio. Everyone will be emailed with the assignments for the week, if you do not complete them that week you can do it the following week, so long as they are completed before the course ends. If you miss more than 2 video conference calls, you will not be able to fulfil the criteria to qualify as a facilitator.

4. What happens once i complete this training? Am I considered a Facilitator?

Once you complete this course, if you have completed all the pre-requisites, qualified as an EFT International Practitioner and submitted case studies that have been asked of you and fulfilled any other suggestions made during your final assessment, you will be granted the title of ​​LiberatingTouch® Facilitator. You can now be listed on the Emotional Health Centre website.

5. Why did you create this Training?

We have a growing body of students that would like to share LT in many ways, this program is to help make it easy for them.

Here are the guidelines for those wanting to become LiberatingTouch® Student (Detachment) Facilitators and eventually LiberatingTouch® Facilitators

A LiberatingTouch® Student (Detachment) Facilitator and LiberatingTouch® Facilitator can support the alchemy of Self-Awareness and deep healing in themselves and others. In an experienced and intuitive artist’s (facilitator’s) hands LiberatingTouch® is a healing art that reveals the Presence and Power of the SELF (Love and Truth).

Requirements for qualifying as a ​​LiberatingTouch® Student / Detachment Facilitator

  • Attendance of the LiberatingTouch® Foundations day
  • Completion of the Heart of Understanding 8 Day LiberatingTouch® Class
  • Completion of  EFT International Level 1&2  Training
  • Competent in using the LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process
  • Attendance of a minimum of 4 Mentoring days or 8 hours 1 to 1 mentoring
  • Completion of 8 case studies (4 case studies on others, 4 on yourself) *
  • A minimum of 1 year of practice and exploration with LiberatingTouch® (this will be assessed individually for each student)
  • This status is subject to review every 4 years. See note below.
  • Requirements for qualifying as a LiberatingTouch® Facilitator
  • Attendance of the LiberatingTouch® Foundations day twice.
  • Attendance of the Heart of Understanding, the 8 Day LiberatingTouch® Class at least twice or more (this will be assessed individually for each student)
  • Completion of 4 short Essays (approx. 500 words each)**
  • Attendance of the Jin Shin Jyutsu SELF Help class (Books 1&2) and one 5 Day Class although attendance of three Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 Day Classes is recommended
  • Completion of  EFT International Level 1&2  Training (preferable if the candidate has also completed  EFT International  Level 3 Training)
  • Attendance of the 11-week LiberatingTouch® Online Facilitator Training (Includes essays and assessment)
  • Attendance of a minimum of 8 Mentoring days or 18 hours 1 to 1 mentoring
  • LiberatingTouch® live demonstrations (this will be assessed individually for each student)
  • A minimum of 3 years of practice and exploration with LiberatingTouch® (this will be assessed individually for each student)

* This status is subject to review every 4 years. (After 4 years the Facilitator is required to resubmit the essays and attend an 8 Day Class) See note below.

​Student Experiences:

“I just wanted to give huge thanks for so much support during the 11 weeks. I feel so utterly blessed to have been part of this group and have learnt so much. The weekend of JSJ was icing on the cake and was absolutely wonderful. Something really shifted and I'm so grateful for feeling better in myself and being less fearful. Your drops of wisdom are releasing those patterns and you are both an abiding example of Love and Truth.” Angela

“Thank you for your unwavering love and commitment, fully guided management and inspiring knowledge. I really am so appreciative of being in this course and it seems like I learnt more here than ever before.” Luisa

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