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Archived Essential Focus Newsletters(2001-2006)

Essential Focus Newsletters

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 1- October 01
“Vitamins nuts and bolts” advice from Dr. Michael Colgan • Breast Cancer • Testimonial of a blind lady • Forty Foods containing B17 • Neways approach to beauty

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 2 - January 02
Jane Thurnell-Read, founder of Health Kinesiology writes about Neways • Fluoride Can It Do More Harm Than Good? • Jan Arts writes about relief for red skin patches and dandruff • Relaxation and Intuition

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 3 - April 02
Autism and Mercury, extracts from the work of Dr. O’Shea and Andrew Wakefield • Simple and fast Relaxation techniques by Thich Nhat Hanh

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 4 - July 02
Dr. Mathias Rath and cellular medicine • 11 deadly chemicals and how to avoid them • Bill Young’s (Natural Body Builder World Champion) speedy recovery from a slipped disk

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 5 - October 02
Why Noni was discontinued •The new EU directives; Food Supplements Directive, Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, Novel Foods Directive and how they affect us.

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 6 - January 03
Results of Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking work in the field of Natural Health • Why Neways • Common Sense • The bare essentials • Signs of Inner Peace

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 7 & 8 - June 03
More Fluoride News • Food and Behaviour • Changing the way we live • The Chi Machine

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 7b - June 03
Extra on Supplement Regulation

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 9 - October 03
Warning on Baby Wipes • About Network Marketing • More on the Chi Machine • Fluoride News Updates

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 10 - January 04
Getting Value for Money with Neways • Values • Important News Notes from the WDDTY

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 11 - April 04
Why do we need supplements • Emotional Freedom Techniques • Allegations against Dr. Wakefield • You are the perfect instrument

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 12 - July 04
Hawaiian Noni Juice • The Secrets of the Drug Industry • Homeopathy works • Acupuncture works

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 13 - October 04
Health and Time • Good sources for health information • The dangers of prescription drugs • Holistic healing modalities for cancer • Yoga

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 13b - October 04
Tell the Truth About Vaccines

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 14 - January 05
Vitamin A Produces Astonishing Leukaemia Cure Rate, Even Without Chemotherapy • The Unscience of Medicine • Dr. Vernon Coleman • Hidden sources of MSG • Chamomile Tea prevents menstrual cramps

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 15 - April 05
Natural Remedies Focus on Cinnamon • Do Environmental Chemicals Harm Humans? • How to Avoid the Top 10 Most Common Toxins By Dr. Joseph Mercola • A STORY OF HOPE: How to survive one of the deadliest cancers • Why use Epson Salts: A must read for all mothers • 4 Kirlian images of Neways Maximol

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 16 - July 05
Ban on health supplements could be overturned • Today's diets can't deliver all we need • FLUORIDE: Studies show it affects our children's IQ • MMR AND AUTISM • Focus on CLOVER • Colloidal silver AND MRSA • Real Excerpts from Medical Records That are Sure to Make You Laugh

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 17 - October 05
VITAMIN C: it can kill cancer • Update on EU legislation and health supplements • ALL Neways nutritional products comply with the Food Supplements Directive • Focus on Ginger and peppermint • MOBILE MASTS • Ways to Beat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 18 - January 06
Evening Primrose Oil Fights Breast Cancer • Coping with Stress • ASPIRIN: It doesn't prevent heart attack • HOMEOPATHY: It's better than drugs for chronic conditions • Focus on Healthy Cocoa

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 18 - Bowel Cleanse
Extra: The Bowel Cleanse Program we did

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 19 - April 06
The Cancer-Fighting Power of Broccoli Sprouts • Broccoli • Buddhist Tradition Thickens Parts of the Brain • Lack of Information Highlights Cancer Prevention Problem In UK • HERNIA: Immediate surgery is rarely necessary • Focus on Nutmeg • Worry: A Major Contributor to Poor Health

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 19 - Bowel Cleanse
Extra: More on Bowel Cleansing

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 20 - July 06
'Miracle' cures shown to work • MISDIAGNOSIS: Doctors get it wrong with 20 per cent of patients The NHS • Alternative medicine and Prof Baum • Focus on COCONUT OIL • Tap away the trauma • Fun Health Tips

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 21 - October 06
Depression; Therapy’s better than drugs • Focus on Good Salt • Vegetables Much Better Than Drugs at Building Bone Density • Mean old Mom

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 21 - letting go
Special: What do we mean by letting go

Essential Focus Newsletter Issue 22 - January 06
Acupuncture works • GOOGLE: It’s the way doctors find out about your condition, just like you • Eat more vegetables to stay sharp • Calories don’t count, good food does • BODY MASS INDEX: The great red herring for heart health • BREAST CANCER: Rates drop dramatically as women stop taking HRT• Focus on Fenugreek • Essential FOCUS and other questions • Simple Acupressure Technique Offers a Solution • God works in mysterious ways.

Archived Emotional Health Centre Newsletters
(April 2007 - December 2015)

Issue 1 Emotional Health Centre News April 2007
Sweet Emma’s Poems • BREASTFEEDING: It helps soothe the baby • PARACETAMOL: A deadly painkiller • CHRONIC FATIGUE EFT the missing link • Focus on Fennel • Have a Relationship with the Sun

Issue 2 Emotional Health Centre News July 2007
What is Emotional Health • ‘SAFE’ PAINKILLERS: Restricted ingredients are making addicts of thousands • MOUTH-TO-MOUTH: We all think it’s the best thing for a heart attack victim, and we’re all wrong • MIGRAINE: It could mean you're more likely to have a heart problem • FOCUS ON GREENS • Phillip Day, Be Wise Be Well video resource • Six million Britons are malnourished • Maximol Classic • Should you take anti-oxidants whilst undergoing chemo or radiotherapy?

Issue 3 Emotional Health Centre News October 2007
Personal Transformation with EFT•Laughter Makes Breast Milk Healthier•EXERCISE: You need far less than you think in order to stay fit•Rescue Remedy: It really does reduce stress•Just One Glass of Alcohol a Day Can Lead to Bowel Cancer•Focus on Natural Remedies: Garlic•Daddy how was I born?

Issue 4 Emotional Health Centre News January 2008
Focus on Natural Remedies: Manuka Honey • Honey: It’s such a good wound-healer that surgeons are urged to use it • Diabetes: Try green tea instead • Burns: The trace elements that can aid healing • Gut Instinct • How To Make a Difference in Your Marriage and Your Health • A New View of Cancer German New Medicine • On the Funny Side

Issue 5 Emotional Health Centre News April 2008
Spring Clean: Our Detox and Liver Flush • Budgeting for Organic Foods • Beating Cancer Living Proof and Cancer Active • Focus on Natural Remedies: Oatmeal • Anger and Hostility are proven to Damage Lungs • Just a little Giggle: Airline Food • Attached Events and Workshop Dates • More Info on the Gentle Detox and Liver Flush

Issue 6 Emotional Health Centre News July 2008
Return to Joy: The first workshop of this kind • Stroke: The single best thing to do to cut your risk • Pain control: Massage is just as good as drugs • FOCUS ON NATURAL REMEDIES: WATER, Purifying and charging water • More on the Liver Flush • Instant Stress Relief from HeartMath • A Bed Near The Window • Events and Workshop Dates Attached

Issue 7 Emotional Health Centre News October 2008
Events and Workshop Dates• Friends’ Websites/ Blogs •The Chi Machine • Arthritis: Rosehip is better for pain-relief• Breastfeeding: Are doctors wrong about solids• Children: The vital key that can tell you if you’re going to get a difficult teenager• Overweight: It doesn't mean you're unhealthy• Antioxidants: Pomegranate Juice• Focus on Natural Remedies: Water (Cont.) • Penelope’s Poem• EFT and Morning Sickness? Handmade Tapping Teddy Bears for EFT • Experts point to dramatic changes in brain waves as a result of EFT• Results of Practicing EFT for over 9 years

Issue 8 Emotional Health Centre News January 2009
Healing Fatigue •The placebo effect, written by Lynne McTaggart • Focus on Natural Remedies: Almonds • When Alternative Therapies Don't Work: Here's What You Need to Know • Some Simple and Easy Tips for Good Health in 2009 • On the funny side: Amazingly Simple Home Remedies NOT TO BE TRIED AT HOME • Must See Events and Workshop Dates

Issue 9 Emotional Health Centre News April 2009
Releasing Emotional Pain • Focus on Natural Remedies: Cayenne Pepper •High Blood Pressure: Dark chocolate can ward off hypertension • Pain: Women feel it in a different way •EMAIL HOAX REGARDING CANCER • Health products we use regularly •On the funny side: Sentences typed by Medical secretaries in NHS Greater Glasgow • Being Un-loving to Yourself and How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

Issue 10 Emotional Health Centre News July 2009
THE EVIDENCE FOR EFT and the science behind energy medicine • Focus on Natural Remedies: Sage• Jin Shin Jyutsu CLEANS HOUSE •Acupuncture is an alternative that works for back pain •Homeopathic remedy approved to treat sprains• How your mind can heal your body •An amazing Meditation Resource•Workshop Dates

Issue 11 Emotional Health Centre News October 2009
We are far more powerful and resourceful, • Focus on Natural Remedies: Coriander • Daily beer and spirits drinking increases cancer risk sevenfold •'Mindful eating' keeps you slim • Aloe vera gel is better than toothpaste for fighting decay • What are Meridians? • A Few Reasons Why our Body Holds onto Fat, • Another amazing Self Healing Resource • Maya Angelou’s interview with Oprah • Workshops

Issue 12 Emotional Health Centre News January 2010
Liberating Touch® Sessions • Living with Desire: The Heart of Enlightened Living • Focus on Natural Remedies: Fenugreek a closer look • Recession may help you live longer • The good news about being overweight • What can cause depression? • On the Funny Side • Workshops

Issue 13 Emotional Health Centre News April 2010
Click here for The Liver Flush Issue 13 Extra

The Liver Flush • Focus on Natural Remedies: Noni Juice• Can we really Create and Meet Change with Peace, and Clarity? • A little bit more about LiberatingTouch®-EFT • On the Cute, Funny Side • Workshops and Events

Issue 14 Emotional Health Centre News July 2010
Our News Since March • Scientific basis of Homeopathy • Focus on Natural Remedies: Apple Juice • The Woodpecker by Catherine Scott • Probiotic drink reduces infections in small children • A little more about LiberatingTouch®-EFT • On the Funny Side, The Little Girl on the Plane • Fascinating Study Suggests Hand Washing Cleanses the Mind • Info Attached Workshops and Events

Issue 15 Emotional Health Centre News October 2010
Upcoming Events • The 4 main Tenets of LiberatingTouch®-EFT • Fascinating Research news about Pain• Focus on Natural Remedies: Foods with Vitamin B • An update on The MMR safety debate • Scientists prove chronic stress causes heart disease• Just Enough...

Issue 16 Emotional Health Centre News January 2011
Focus on Energy Medicine – Energy Psychology and Loneliness • Pain and Painkillers – to have or not to have • Focus on Natural Remedies: Beetroot • Upcoming Events • A poem - Have you ever been to the place where heaven and hell meet? • Conversations and letters – The Beauty of Mathematics

Issue 17 Emotional Health Centre News April 2011
Focus on Energy Medicine – When you feel you can’t and it holds you back…• Statins – to have or not to have • Focus on Natural Remedies: Nuts – Pecans • Conversations and letters – A poem - For You by Deborah Lacy

Issue 18 Emotional Health Centre News July 2011 Focus on Energy Medicine – More on Loving the World, Serving the World • Homeopathy works • Focus on Natural Remedies: More Nutty Good News • Conversations and letters: A poem – Fairness by Catherine O’Toole-Scott, Improving your vision with Tibetan Eye Exercises • The Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 Day Seminar in October

Issue 19 Emotional Health Centre News October 2011
Common Fears • More Clinical Evidence for EFT • Focus on Natural Remedies: Calcium • Vegetarian diet helps protect against common bowel disease • Focus on Energy Medicine Four Questions to effortlessly experience Presence with LiberatingTouch® • Conversations and letters: A poem – Mathew 18 v 3, by Ann Rushbrooke

Issue 20 Emotional Health Centre News January 2012
Focus on Energy Medicine – The Yoga of LiberatingTouch® • Ginger may be a powerful fighter against colon cancer • Focus on Natural Remedies: Aromatherapy • A simple and powerful exercise for wellness • My Beloved Heart whispered to me “Be patient”

Issue 21 Emotional Health Centre News April 2012
Change and Transition by Linda Andrews • Focus on Energy Medicine – The Yoga of LiberatingTouch® • Focus on Natural Remedies: Aromatherapy - Rose • Exercising just 15 minutes a day adds three years to your life • Which Nutrient has the World’s Highest ORAC Score? • Susan Kennard’s letter – EFT and miracle

Issue 22 Emotional Health Centre News July 2012
The importance of Support • Dark Chocolate: Yummy, healthy and healing • Raised blood pressure doesn’t cause heart problems if you are over 60 • Focus on Energy Medicine – The Yoga of LiberatingTouch® – A Practical Sequence • Focus on Natural Remedies: Aromatherapy - Lavender • Letters and Emails: Kim’s poem Dear Heart

Issue 23 Emotional Health Centre News October 2012
Older mums have natural protection • Acupuncture does reduce pain • Heart Patients • Focus on Energy Medicine: Jin Shin Jyutsu • Focus on Natural Remedies: Aromatherapy – Frankincense • Letters: Shopping tips!! NOT!!

Issue 24 Emotional Health Centre News January 2013
Latest news and Gratitude Telesummit • Focus on Self-Healing with Exercise – Qigong and Lajin • EFT Resources • Focus on Nutrition and Supplementing • Letters: “Now I am the seed” by Maria Went.

Issue 25 Emotional Health Centre News April 2013
Latest news – The Heart of Understanding 8 Day Class • Why Detox? • Liberating Forgiveness• Focus on Self-Healing with Exercise – Body Shaking • Books & Resources including – "Call of the Search" • Letters: In Church - on the funny side and “It’s not the shoes that you wear”.

Issue 26 Emotional Health Centre News July 2013
Depression not caused by ‘chemical imbalance’ • Focus on Energy Medicine – More proof for Energy Psychology • Focus on Self-Healing with Exercise – The Dog Pose • Books & Resources – Credence Health - FORTY-SIX REASONS WHY YOUR BODY NEEDS WATER EVERY DAY • A Lovely Illustration -- Herbs for Organs • Reflections by Angela Kirk

Issue 27 Emotional Health Centre News October 2013
• Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums • Focus on Energy Medicine – Quickie Energy Boost • Focus on Self-Healing with Exercise – Child Pose • Yoga helps you remember and keeps you mentally sharp • Books & Resources – Credence Health –The benefits of unrefined salt • Reflections on Time

Issue 28 Emotional Health Centre News January 2014
• Detachment, the Secret to Infinite Peace • Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums • Focus on Self-Healing – Alternate Breathing • Some excerpts from about the power of Vitamin E, eating an apple a day and blood pressure concerns • Focus on Energy Medicine – Jin Shin Jyutsu

Issue 29 Emotional Health Centre News April 2014
• Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums with Goldenseal • Focus on Self-Healing – Meditation • Focus on Energy Medicine – Reclaim your Power with Forgiveness, Love and Truth • Details of the next LT 8 DAY • Reflections

Issue 30 Emotional Health Centre News July 2014
• Focus on Self-Healing – 11 Superfoods • Important changes at AAMET International • Maintaining Healthy Teeth…. Keeping them Shiny with Soda Bicarbonate and Coconut Oil • Focus on Energy Medicine – LiberatingTouch® Sequence for Body Harmony • The Heart of Understanding Class • Reflections: Exploring Spiritual Intelligence

Issue 31 Emotional Health Centre News October 2014
• An Emotional Intelligence Test • Iodine – The Benefits • Ageless (Eternal) Beauty • Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums – A personal perspective • Reflections: Exploring Spiritual Intelligence Part 2

Issue 32 Emotional Health Centre News January-March 2015
• Conversation with a friend • Rest and Reconciliation • Beetroot – The Benefits • Workshops: Ageless (Eternal) Beauty and more • Reflections: Liberating Ho’oponopono

Issue 33 Emotional Health Centre News April-June 2015
• Time to Rest • Meditators lose less ‘grey matter’ article • Amazing health benefits of Cardamom • Conversation with a friend • Video links for Ageless (Eternal) Beauty and more • Reflections: 4 notable genres of spirituality

Issue 34 Emotional Health Centre News, July-September 2015
• The New LiberatingTouch Logo • A Review of the May 2015 Heart of Understanding Class article • Summer Allergies • Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves • The Importance of Vitamin D3

Issue 35 Emotional Health Centre News, October-December 2015
• Happiness, the hot topic • Acupuncture, even more benefits • Why Use Tapping (EFT) Scripts • Amazing Health Benefits of Fenugreek • Reflections: Changing the Way our Thinking “Revolves” around Time

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