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Personal Healing Sessions with LiberatingTouch®

To begin with, the LiberatingTouch®, practitioner/facilitator asks relevant and intuitive questions regarding the presenting issues. Together, the practitioner and client investigate the corresponding emotions, beliefs and perceptions, while at the same time engaging the energy body. This process of awareness accelerates healing and understanding. For example, while holding specific areas of the client’s body the practitioner may ask the following questions, “What do you want? Who would you be without this suffering? What choices would you make if you had no fear?" This can bring flashes of insight, and release. Together we learn that healing is a natural side effect of experiencing Truth. By understanding the nature of the energy body and the nature of the mind, we access our infinite power and potential.

LiberatingTouch® face to face sessions

A session begins with listening to the client and asking the client what they want and what they would like to resolve. This reveals to the practitioner information about the flow of life-force energy and the client's state of being. It indicates where he or she needs help. Unlike western medicine, the emphasis is not on diagnosing, fixing or curing, but on harmonising, balancing, and finding a way to experience relief and healing. With LiberatingTouch®, the practitioner and client stimulate specific energy balancing locations while tuning into the presenting issues, with focused awareness.

We work with what is on your mind, connect to the wisdom in your Heart, formulate a plan of action and map a process for you to discover your innate potential and healing. This art yields amazing results. It is effective in relieving stress, anxiety and pain. It has a dramatic effect on emotional problems, and people frequently have experiences of spiritual integration during or after a session. Stress is alleviated and the client leaves feeling much more centred and relaxed. For some, it opens the “doors of possibility” and allows them to achieve their goals effortlessly.

LiberatingTouch® Telephone & Skype sessions

Once you have booked an appointment, your practitioner will call you at the appointed time. A LiberatingTouch® session begins with listening to the client, asking the client what they want and what they would like to resolve. We work with what is on your mind, connect to the wisdom in your Heart, formulate a plan of action and map a process for you to discover your innate potential and healing.

There are many advantages to booking a LiberatingTouch® phone, or skype session.

You can now book LiberatingTouch® sessions, with Eddie and Ranjana.

LiberatingTouch® Session Price Guide

LiberatingTouch® & EFT Telephone / Skype or Face to Face Sessions.

£160 for 2 hours, £135 for One and a half hours or £110 for One hour*

*Concessions are £120 for 2 hours, £95 for One and a half hours or £80 for One hour

Call 01424 427919 or email: to book sessions, check workshop dates, *concessions and availability.

Note for all new clients:
Eddie and Ranjana prefer booking you in for LiberatingTouch Regenerative Healing Intensives after which shorter, weekly, or monthly support sessions can be booked.

Regenerative Healing Intensives with
LiberatingTouch® & Jin Shin Jyutsu

These Regenerative Healing Intensives are restorative, strengthening, purifying, enlightening, and transformative. They include clarifying discussion, LiberatingTouch® in depth inquiry and bodywork, Jin Shin Jyutsu, healthy nourishment, as well as time to rest and integrate. The focus of the Intensive is to help you on the journey of Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Knowledge, and Self-Fulfilment. Together, we unravel the desires and attachments that bind the mind to suffering, and keep us from Truth. By questioning the limited and often painful stories of the world and ourselves that we have adopted, and by combining this with ancient energy balancing techniques, we can open to acceptance, spontaneous joy, profound healing, and dynamic positive change.

These focused sessions are especially good for those of you who do not live near us and want to work intensively. A one day intensive is equivalent to booking 4 weekly 90 minute sessions. These Intensives are more cost effective than individual sessions.

To Book, plan and customise your Regenerative Healing Intensive call UK 01424 427919.
The cost includes: time for in-depth inquiry, LiberatingTouch and Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, a vegetarian lunch, clarifying conversation and time for Q&A.
Timings are generally 10 am to 5pm (approximately 6 hours of ‘session’ time).

Liberating Partnerships

We also provide Regenerative Healing Intensives for couples that want to create a Liberating Partnership. A Liberating Partnership is one that breaks the mould of stereotypes, allowing you both to step into empowered supportive roles, and help each other become self-confident. Achieving and sustaining this kind of partnership requires an investment of time and energy. In these LiberatingTouch® Healing Intensives, we focus on creating connections, opening new channels of communication, noticing expectations, managing projections, and celebrating the good. We discuss how a committed partnership can be one of the most accessible way of experiencing profound unconditional Love and eternal Truth. The willingness to transcend habitual patterns frees you both, to create a partnership rooted in Love and Truth.

Please call us for your free consultation.

TWO DAYS - £440.00

“Yes, you are going to be, feel and think differently (and sometimes at odds) with your partner. What draws the miraculous and mysterious magic into a relationship, is the inner yearning for UNITY and oneness with the Creator Source.”

Accommodation for Intensives: To get a list of local "bed and breakfast" or hotels click here.

*Concessions are available.

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