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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What is Self Realisation?
In LiberatingTouch®, our understanding and experience is that Self-Realisation is remembering that we are in essence Love and Truth (God). It is the realisation that dawns when we experience that we are not the body, nor are we the mind, but that we are infinite, eternal, indescribable, expansive divine consciousness. Self-Realisation can be compared to waking up from a dream and knowing that everything that you believed about the world, your desires and attachments are unreal; that only consciousness, or what we describe as the Self is real and the Self is Bliss; free from pain and pleasure, free from likes and dislikes, free from limitation and fear. Knowing (realising) our True Reality (the Self) is the start of the journey.

(Q) How does LiberatingTouch® incorporate the 4 main ancient Yoga paths of Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga?
LiberatingTouch® combines the philosophy and essence of the 4 main Yoga paths, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga so that one can discover and rest in the dynamic and ever-present UNITY of the Higher (Universal) SELF. Below are the 4 paths and their role in LiberatingTouch®.

LiberatingTouch® is a dynamic process that incorporates the principles of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Jin Shin Jyutsu, common sense with explorations in subtle energy, investigations into the way the mind stores suffering and the transformative power of Love. LiberatingTouch® is a way of undoing suffering, confusion, judgement, pain, fear, lack of confidence, trauma, and the many wounds of the mind, so that you can experience and share Truth, Love, Joy, Beauty, Compassion and Peace.
LiberatingTouch® enables one to move from patterns of Self-destruct to Self-discovery, thereby opening the door to Self-Fulfilment and Self-Realisation.
Using the 4 tenets (TRUTH, SELF RESPONSIBILITY, PEACE, and LOVE) LiberatingTouch® clears and expands the mind, investigates attachments and fear, unravels stories, strengthens intrinsic faith and Self-confidence, illuminates the heart and frees us to be all that we are, beyond the constraints of physicality, time and space.

(Q) How does the Tree Meditation work?
The Tree Meditation is a way of connecting to the (Universal) Self. This is a powerful process to get your mind, desires and attachments out of the way and to entrust the session to the (Universal) Self, so that we can be inspired and guided to find solutions that heal on the deepest level.

(Q) How often can i use the LiberatingTouch® Sequences?
You can use them as often as you are able to. The effect of the sequences is cumulative, so the more you use them, the more you benefit.

(Q) How often can i use the Infinity Exercise?
It is a good idea to use the Infinity Exercise a lot. Whenever you feel stressed, under pressure, or if you are reacting to a person, situation or substance, it is a good idea to use this visualisation technique.

(Q) Will i stop caring if i use the Detachment Process?
No. In fact you will discover that you become more loving and caring and not react as you would have done previously.

(Q) Can LiberatingTouch® help me with my relationships?
Yes. With LiberatingTouch® we uncover and utilise the 4 Secrets of making ALL relationships work:

For a direct experience you can book a session with a LiberatingTouch® Facilitator.


Dearest Ranj-Eddie, Thank you truly for the most amazing two days of spoiling, fun and fascination. It was wonderful to spend time with you both. I feel so blessed to have met you and privileged beyond belief to have such glorious wisdom and support from you. Thank you for everything. Sending you sunbeams from my smiling face.
Designer K H

Good morning Ranjana and Eddie, I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me! For your caring supportive loving, generous, hospitality, wisdom and knowledge including the most amazing hands on therapy I have ever received. I loved the two days and feel I was meant to be in that group at that time. It was easy for me to 'fit in' with the non-judgemental loving thoughts and support i received from the other participants! How lucky am I!
Healer M L

Hi Ranjana. Thank you so much for my session on Friday. My work with you has left me feeling so vibrant and alive. The work you are doing is so valuable to the world. To be able to enable us to walk in light and be in our power is incredible. I have new understanding, new hope, revived spirit and a new desire to really live!
Entrepreneur E C

LiberatingTouch® is amazing! I found myself having waves of joy and laughter constantly and a sense of complete freedom that I have never experienced before.
Biodynamic Massage Therapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner. M D

Just finished 8 days with Eddie and Ranjana. LiberatingTouch® is a profound yet unique way of liberating your life, coming into our own personal power. I have been exposed to many different modalities including EFT, Matrix, The Journey, and NLP; yet LT has a unique yet profoundly guided combination of many different modalities that I am just beginning to embrace. I look forward to using more LT sequences. I was absolutely awed with Ranjana's unique approach to each and every different scenario, demos with each one of us, one by one! Treating each one wholistically, and with so much love. The subject matter was very informative and each day it was beautifully explained by both Eddie and Ranjana. Stories were interwoven with personal experiences to make it more real.
Business woman and Health Professional R R

I visited my brother in hospital. He’d had complicated major surgery a couple of days before( which had not had the best outcome), was in pain, tearful and distressed as he could not move any part of his body and had been lying flat on his back for a couple of weeks... I set to work on fingers and toes, since the rest of his head and body were inaccessible due to tubes... The next day I didn’t visit him, his wife rang me, to say when she arrived he was laughing and joking and was sitting on his chair! The amazing thing is that my brother told me that he was a very big skeptic of this weird stuff and had only let me do my stuff to be polite, he is now pleased he did and wants more and more!
Also, I had a visit from a close friend, she was asking about my brother and I told her the story. She was interested in the fingers and toes. She text me this morning to say she used it on her husband last night (he’s had bowel cancer) and he slept for the first time in over a year! He was very skeptical too, but has asked her to do it again tonight!
I’ve also used it on my mum who was distressed about my brothers suffering and she felt a great sense of peace and happiness to replace her sorrow and frustration.
Sorry if I’ve bored you all, but I’m so excited when good things like this happen,

Advanced EFT Practitioner, D T

Thank you for the fantastic weekend. What I love most is I can do lots workshops with you and they are never the same, I always learn something new and you always surprise me. Your work is becoming better and better and very profound. Thank you for everything :)
Mother, M D

Hi there, Here is some feedback on day 2 of the LT 8 day Seminar. For me, I look at the 4 tenets of LiberatingTouch® as a foundation to life.Throughout my life’s experience I would say that I have been searching to find a way to acknowledge and integrate these 4 pillars. I have looked in many places. Seeking to join what is, has been, fragmented within. It is hard to believe that a lasting freedom is possible for me. Working with these tenets, identifying and connecting with them, encompassing the self with this message, brings forth the power of possibility for me. I have been and am resisting the integration of all that empowers my spirit and yet, every teaching is hammering on my door. This course I feel will be a challenge for even the most willing participant in a very beautiful way. Excellent, profound, enriching, an experience of opening, opening the flower within. And only day two xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
EFT Practitioner, M W

I am just home to my cottage .....and wanted to email you before sleeping. There are words.....maybe not enough but I will try. The time with you was way beyond anything I ever imagined it could be. The way you work is extrordinary......clearly connected to Divine energy, no ego, no judgement, abundant intelligence and knowing, pure LOVE. Thank you for your endless patience, your warmth and infectious joy......and yes the wall headstand! Most of all thank you for bringing me closer to my God. That morning session today is beyond words.....the bliss was indescribable. Eternal gratitude..... Love love love,
Wholistic Health Professional, L A

John Bullough wrote, "I’ve listened to your interview a couple of times now and I love it! In fact I keep finding myself wanting to hear much more from you! You sound so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and giving. No surprise of course, but a huge pleasure nevertheless.
I particularly love your focus on a light, meditative approach to what we do; an intensely present focus (I think you used the word ‘deliberate’). In my own field, the expression would be ‘mindfulness’. I think this is the keys to the Kingdom and it ran like a constant theme through everything you said.
You shared so much in the interview that I loved. “LiberatingTouch® is a tool to practise higher consciousness” – yes, yes, yes! And another thing I came away with is: “... I allow space between me and this experience”. A beautifully liberating set of words."

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