Jin Shin Jyutsu Sessions

A Jin Shin Jyutsu session generally lasts 40 minutes to an hour, and does not involve massage or use of substances. It is a gentle, yet powerful art, practiced by placing fingertips (over clothing) onto the safety energy locks in specific combination. A Jin Shin session begins with listening to the pulse, which reveals to the practitioner information about the current flow of energy and state of being of the client. It indicates where he or she needs help. The remaining session consists of gently holding areas on the body in various combinations until complete harmony of energy and pulsation is established. The practitioner uses his/her hands as "jumper cables" in order to recharge the 'battery of life', enabling universal energy to flow through the client's body and reawaken its natural healing ability.
As simple as this technique is, it yields amazing results physically, as well as emotionally. It is effective in relieving pain; stiff, spastic, or strained muscles and joints; respiratory conditions; appetite imbalance; and reproductive difficulties. It has a dramatic effect on emotional problems, and people frequently have experiences of spiritual integration during or after a session. Stress is alleviated and the client leaves feeling much more centred and relaxed. Although for chronic conditions several sessions might be needed, improvement is usually experienced after only one session.

Relaxing Intensive Sessions

We offer relaxing intensive sessions. This is especially good for those of you who do not live locally and want to partake in one or two sessions a day, from Monday through Friday. This gives you an opportunity to accrue the added benefits that come from receiving a number of sessions in close succession. We encourage all our clients to book an annual 3 day Jin Shin Jyutsu intensive.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Cost Per Session

A typical session lasts approximately 40 minutes to an hour.
Cost £55*.

Call 01424 427 919
or email: emotionalhealthcentre@googlemail.com to book. *Concessions are available

Jin Shin Jyutsu - Cost for Intensive Sessions

£180 - 4 Session Intensive
2 sessions a day for 2 days - a saving of £40

£250 - 6 Session Intensive
2 sessions a day for 3 days - a saving of £80

£390 - 10 Session Intensive
2 sessions a day for 5 days - a saving of £160

Accommodation for Intensives: To get a list of local "bed and breakfast" or hotels click here.

Jin Shin Jyutsu - Self Help Workshops

TBA 2018 (St. Leonards on Sea, UK)

A Weekend of Deep Relaxation- Getting to Know (Help) MYSELF.
The Art of Living - Self Help Books 1&2, The Trinity Flows & Safety Energy Locks.

£110 for both days - includes course materials refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch.

To download the brochure for the latest dates and prices click here.
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