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Essential Oils:

We recommend DoTerra Essential oils as a way of creating and maintaining good health. We get the products at wholesale prices. If you want to do the same, click on this link.
To get the discounted price you have to click on "Join & Save" which is at the top of the website page. Choose your country. Then choose between Wholesale prices (£20 join-up fee) or, Preferred member prices. Fill in your details and you are in and ready to shop. These products are incredibly pure and potent and some of them can be ingested. DoTerra means gift of earth and these essential oils truly are a gift of astonishing power.

We use and recommend, Higher Nature Products, to find out more go to
Higher Nature is dedicated to providing the best, natural and most effective supplements for optimum health.

Another source for quality-sourced and exceptional health products is

We also order herbal tinctures from the local apothecary and the internet when needed. Whenever we travel and we do this a fair amount, we use the Higher Natures’s True food Vitamin C and True food Vitamin B complex.
Also a must carry for any of our travel adventures is Rescue Remedy, The DoTerra essential oils, (Tea Tree for infection, Lavender for burns and soothing skin irritation, On Guard for immune support and as an insect repellent, Balance for jet lag, and of course a few more to feel good), Goldenseal and Arnica.

A great site for health information is

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