The Foundations of LiberatingTouch® & the Fundamentals of EFT

Saturday 24th February 2018
(St. Leonards on Sea, UK)

Join us for an introduction to LiberatingTouch® which incorporates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Jin Shin Jyutsu, common sense with explorations in subtle energy, investigations into the way the mind stores suffering and the transformative power of Love and Truth.


Most of our UK workshops have a maximum of 6 to 10 people. All participants get individual attention and support. (We provide ongoing support and mentoring for all our students, trainees and qualified practitioners). This promises to be a wonderful weekend for beginners, self-help enthusiasts and practitioners. The workshop is designed to enable you to learn to use these techniques for yourself and others. Areas worked with include negative emotions, physical pain and addictive cravings. You will see demonstrations, as well as having the opportunity to experience EFT and LiberatingTouch® first hand. The focus will be on self-help; discovering and maintaining peace and harmony in daily living. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

£90 for the day includes course materials refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. We are offering a discount to review students and for those requiring concessions (ie only £45 for the day).

For the Workshops with the latest dates click here.

To register for the workshop please contact us.

For the Workshop Brochure with the latest dates (click here) To register for the workshop please contact us.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
and Mentoring Requirements

CPD is standard practice within the field of complementary therapy and psychology. Its purpose is to maintain high standards and ensure that people within the field are current with their knowledge and skills base. Upon satisfactory completion of a LiberatingTouch® or AAMET certificated EFT Level 2 and/or Level 3 Course of Study, the student will be issued with a Practitioner (Level 2) or Advanced (AAMET Level 3) certificate. To retain their Practitioner status students must maintain at least 30 hours of CPD and 12 hours of Mentoring or Supervision per year. This makes sure that you’re always up to date with the latest developments in EFT and Meridian therapies, that you have plenty of support from your trainer and colleagues and that you always have someone to go to for advice or to share your success with. It also means that you can have fun and mix with other like- minded people!
For Emotional Health Centre LiberatingTouch®, AAMET Level 2 and EFT Level 3 Practitioners here are some ideas how you can keep your CPD’s and Supervision up to date.

For the Mentoring Hours

For Continuous Professional Development hours

Emotional Health Centre Mentoring and Support days

On the First Sundays of most months EHC practitioner students can join our Supervision days 10.00am to 4.30pm. Kindly call on 01424 427 919 to confirm attendance.

On these support days, we focus on exploring and understanding the many facets of Energy Therapy, for hands on experience, and Q&A. They are custom designed for mentoring, continual professional development and further explorations in Energy Psychology.
Open only to Emotional Health Centre EFT L2, L3 and LiberatingTouch® Students, Practitioners and Facilitators (Free).
All AAMET registered practitioners are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of mentoring (equivalent to 2 days) and 30 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) annually. Most practitioners easily maintain their CPD’s but many fail to maintain the supervision hours. To help all Emotional Health Centre EFT L2, L3 and LiberatingTouch® Students, Practitioners and Facilitators these days are free to join.
AAMET International's training is now accredited by the International and National Council of Psychotherapists. Being AAMET accredited Trainers we are approved supervisors and CPD providers.

For Individual face to face or phone Mentoring Sessions contact us (1 hour - £65)

AAMET EFT Training (Level 1&2) 4 Days

9th to 12th March 2018
(St. Leonards on Sea, UK)

Experience EFT come alive in your hands

Whether you are a complete novice or ready to become a safe and competent practitioner, these 4 days will give you the skills and help you become an EFT Artist and Practitioner. The course is designed for serious self-help students and therapists who want to use EFT to resolve deep-seated projects with themselves and/or with clients (on a professional basis). You will have opportunities to practice these methods and to discover exciting ways to fulfil your potential.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the revolutionary healing method that targets unresolved emotional issues and the potential blocks to vibrant health and happiness. Join us and learn how to find your Core Issues, how to test your results, how to deliver EFT over the phone, how to work with groups and more! We will also £360 for four days - includes course materials refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. Review students can join at a discount cost of £135.

Those who wish to complete the AAMET accredited practitioner training will need to complete the following within 9 months of the initial training.
• Submit case studies
• Log 50 practice hours
• Sit for an online AAMET regulated multiple choice test – A payment of £35 will need to be made to AAMET
• Attend a minimum of 2 group supervision days at the Emotional Health Centre – free for all our students
• Book 3 private 1 hour supervision sessions – cost of this is an additional £180 for all 3 sessions.

To register for the workshop please contact us.

AAMET Level 3 - Advanced EFT Practitioner Training

TBA September 2018 (4 Days)
(St. Leonards on Sea, UK)

Our AAMET Level 3 EFT Training includes:

• Investigating EFT in-depth
• Developing Intuition and Client Rapport
• Asking Questions and Listening
• Using Visualisation
• Understanding Trauma / Abuse / PTSD and Methods of Healing Trauma
• Exploring Other Approaches in Energy Psychology
• Exploring Shadow-work
• Healing Addictions
• Working with Critical Labels
• Working with Phobias
• Building your Practice
• Surrogate Tapping
• Experiencing Source & the Journey of SELF Realisation

At the Emotional Health Centre we have a unique take on EFT Practitioner Training. We believe that developing expertise requires time, dedication, mentoring, study, experience, and support. We combine the AAMET Accredited Training with group and individual Mentoring, LiberatingTouch® Seminars, email and phone support to provide students with a depth of understanding, experiential knowledge but most importantly SELF confidence. At this stage we believe it is vital to share with practitioners how to develop skills and resources so that they can be open to whatever life throws at them. This degree of openness takes dedication, willingness and compassion. At the Emotional Health Centre we specialise in helping you find your authenticity, your gifts and talents, your true (reality) power and an undiluted (uncontaminated) sense of SELF. Having this will give you all that you need to be a skilled EFT Practitioner. Our trainings are customised to bring out the best in you. To find out more or to register for this Training contact us.

£360 for four days - includes course materials refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. Review students can join at a discount cost of £135.

We also recommend the EFT Level 3 Training provided by the Vitality Living College, and Martine Moorby.

Emotional Health Centre Support

On the First Sundays of most months, EFT and LiberatingTouch® practitioner students trained by the Emotional Health Centre, can join our Support days from 10am to 4.30pm. Kindly call on 01424 427919 to confirm venue and attendance.

"Alone we can do nothing, but together our minds fuse into something whose power is far beyond the power of its separate parts." A Course in Miracles

Call 01424 427 919 or email: emotionalhealthcentre@googlemail.com to confirm participation.

EFT Level 1, 2 & 3 AAMET Workshops
We feel these workshops will generate extraordinary benefits for all. However, EFT is a very flexible process and thus these workshops represent only the views of the Emotional Health Centre and do not necessarily reflect those of Gary Craig or other EFT Trainers. We have huge gratitude and deep appreciation for Gary’s work in bringing this gift to the world and encourage you to study his website. These workshops are for professionals and serious students wanting in-depth, hands on training. These workshops are comprised of 3 levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 and are officially approved by AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapy) as containing the necessary training to become proficient in EFT. They provide a standard so that EFT'ers may have common training throughout the world.

For more information go to www.aamet.org.

AAMET Trainer's Training

18 months – Apprentice model
Cost £900 (Can be paid in monthly instalments).
Prerequisites – Practising at EFT Level 3 for 3 years, Confident in Borrowing Benefits.

We place great emphasis on the art of delivery and communication skills, assisting our trainers to nurture their students whilst at the same time fostering independent thinking. We look for creativity and humour in our trainers, as well as the ability to lead by example and with integrity. We believe that our clients are our best learning tool and all our trainers are required to be working EFT practitioners. If you think you have the skills to be an AAMET trainer then please write/email us telling us why you should be a trainer and what you feel you can bring to your students.
For more information and requirements for admission to our AAMET Trainer's Training contact us.

AAMET Trainers Online Group Mentoring

Mentoring for AAMET Trainers and Trainer of Trainers

A 90 minutes session with Ranjana Appoo and Martine Moorby. A minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 AAMET Trainer participants for each session. This is a collaborative journey focused on excellence in EFT education. For more details, click here.
Investment: £40 per session (full payment required for registration)

To find out the next date and to register, email Martine: martine@martinemoorby.com
Or go to: https://www.martinemoorby.com/aamet-mentoring/

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