The Many Applications of EFT

Clinical Research and evidence for Energy Psychology can be found at www.energypsych.org/ The most frequently asked question from clients and students is…. “Can I use EFT for my problem?” The answer is YES, it is definitely worth having a go. There are now many websites that share anecdotal evidence for EFT. See below for some problems and conflicts that EFT has been useful for.

Anxiety Relief: EFT can alleviate acute anxiety attacks, generalized anxiety, and the fear of public speaking. The duration of the problem does not seem to matter when it comes to EFT’s effectiveness. However, some anxiety disorders are more complicated than others and have several layers that need attention.

Phobias: In addition, EFT has an impressive record when it comes to neutralizing specific phobias such as claustrophobia, fear of needles, elevators, spiders etc. By tapping the endpoints of the meridians while tuning in to the problem, the “congested energy” is “metabolised” and the anxiety dissolves.

Guilt, Shame and Low Self-Esteem: EFT has been used by many to relieve guilt and shame by targeting specific events and beliefs underlying these feelings. Clients are empowered to mature emotionally by integrating what they have learned from past actions. The negative limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves (such as I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve success, I’m not lovable) that support poor self-esteem can be transformed with EFT.

Pain Control/Physical Ailments: EFT has been utilised by many in alleviating pain in the body. Some have reported accelerated healing, improved circulation of energy, reduced muscle tension when they addressed the emotional states that may have contributed to the onset of any physiological condition. EFT success stories can be found at www.emofree.com

Smoking Cessation: Some smokers use cigarettes as a substance to tranquillise and quiet inner turmoil or anxiety. Clients have reported that they used EFT to effectively eliminate the urge to smoke, alleviate physiological and psychological withdrawal symptoms, and neutralize environmental relapse triggers. Some have used EFT for chemical dependency issues including alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and dependency on prescription medications.

Sports performance: Athletes are successfully using EFT to reduce muscle tension, conquer performance anxiety, and neutralize all other psychological blocks that may impede peak performance. EFT may aid professional or recreational athletes to improve their performance, especially under pressure.

Trauma Relief: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is characterized by intrusive and recurring thoughts, feelings and images associated with the original traumatizing event. EFT addresses the aspects of the traumatic event by reducing the intensity of the recurring memory. The client can then develop more adaptive attitudes and constructive behaviours to suit his or her current life. EFT also accelerates healing by initiating the forgiveness process. There is a good documentary film called “OPERATION: Emotional Freedom -The Answer” that demonstrates the profound healing power of EFT. Click here for Video trailers from OPERATION: Emotional Freedom

Weight Loss: Food is often used as a tranquilliser to anaesthetize deep anxiety and emotional pain. EFT has been used to target and relieve feelings that drive urgent food cravings, compulsive overeating, and sabotaging behaviour. In addition, EFT may relieve distorted body images and effectively prevent relapse weight gain after weight goals have been reached.

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