Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Are there any contraindications to using EFT?
(A)EFT is safe, easy to apply, and non-invasive. To date, minimal side effects have been reported other than occasional temporary fatigue. However, this does not mean that you will not experience adverse side effects. If you intend to use these techniques, you must agree to take full responsibility for the results and for your physical and emotional well-being. You may wish to consult a trained EFT practitioner for professional application of these techniques.

(Q) What prevents EFT from working?
(A) Occasionally, the targeted issue is approached too globally which results in ineffective relief. In rare cases, energy toxins such as perfumes or certain foods produce an allergic reaction in an individual’s energy system and retard, or temporarily reverse therapy. Skilled EFT practitioners will spot this block and be able to treat the client effectively. While not perfect, EFT has an extraordinarily high success rate of 50%-85%, even when used by beginners.

(Q) Can I help myself?
(A) Absolutely, and with a likelihood of a high success rate. If you are motivated, emotionally stable and use good judgment in the problems you address with EFT, you should have good success. It is important however, to know your limits. Sometimes it is difficult to be both patient and doctor. Many people consult EFT practitioners for the objectivity and experience necessary for healing.

(Q) How long do the effects of EFT last for?
(A) It is difficult to predict this outcome in each individual case, however, long-lasting results are routine when using EFT properly and aiming it at the right targets. If the practitioner successfully treats the core of the problem, permanent relief is the norm.

(Q) Can EFT be used for children?
(A) Yes, usually with superb results. Since children are less critical than adults, they have less of a need to understand the inner working of the energy system, and can therefore allow the EFT process to unfold more naturally. It is very safe and effective with children. See the web site www.eftuniverse.com and search for articles on using EFT with children.

(Q) Why does EFT focus on the negative? Can this hurt me?
(A) In order for EFT to work, you must be tuned in to your problem, for example. This allows you to "aim" EFT at the problem and neutralize the negative effects by tapping. For a comprehensive study of EFT we invite you to join our workshops. http://www.emotionalhealthcentre.com/eftworkshops.html

(Q) How do I find out more about EFT and related therapies?
(A) More information about EFT is available at www.aamet.org. Other good resources are Gary Craig’s (the founder of EFT) website www.emofree.com, and www.eftmastersworldwide.com and the Vitality Living College.

To Learn EFT, you are welcome to join one of our classes at the http://www.emotionalhealthcentre.com/eftworkshops.html


Lucy Cavendish writes in the Daily Mail after a session with Ranjana,"My head has cleared. My feelings of helplessness have gone. I am not sure if it is because of the release in verbalising how I feel, the opportunity to focus on myself for once, or whether it is the tapping. I go to bed, exhausted but smiling, for the first time in months. I have a peaceful night’s sleep....to read the whole article click here.

“Ranjana is a gifted EFT practitioner. She is highly skilled, exquisitely sensitive and she has the ability to make you feel totally safe in her presence. Her confidence and creativity come from a deep understanding of the principles of EFT, and the wisdom of one committed to her own journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend her work.”
Sue Beer EFT Master and Co-Founder of the EFT Centre

On the Emotional Toothbrush Audios - Dear Ranjana - What a great series, I tapped on Resistance to Change (thinking this is the core of the matter) and yawned so much as I was tapping that I really started laughing - brilliant. Thanks for letting me know about it - I shall use it regularly, as daily another 'worry' comes up....I did exactly the same with the stress one, honestly I was just laughing so much by the end, very perspicacious aren't they? - can't live without them now, they are keeping me going.
Maths Teacher, J T

Thank you for the Saturday's workshop and your enthusiasm, generosity, patience and hospitality. EFT is without a doubt the most amazing tool towards liberation and fulfilment, and I feel like I've only just scratched the very surface of the user manual. It's all very exciting, which is all to do with you, the teacher, and your contagious love for life - thank you.
Mother and Therapist, O B H

Thank you, Thank you for being you, for doing what you do so tirelessly and for giving me the opportunity to Return to Joy! You are truly an inspiration and I thank you and love you with all my heart!
EFT Practitioner and Nutritionalist, C T

After seeing the movie on EFT; Try it on Everything, I just had to let you know that our one to one sessions are a million times better, It is incredibly powerful working with you.
Shiatsu Practitioner and Trainer, V D

Thanks once again for coming to the rescue on Wednesday. I felt so much better yesterday and feel even better today. In fact it’s the first time I haven’t felt nauseous in the morning for a few weeks!!!… Mainly I wanted to share with you that I feel really really good. Anyway thanks once again for being so open and intuitive and clear. Your commitment to being True and living Consciously is something I feel very grateful for as I certainly reap the benefits. It’s made such a difference to not feel ill. I’ve been feeling a lot more excitement building up now… it’s like I’ve opened the door to the future.
Mummy to be - D L

When I got up this morning I walked around for 10 minutes before realising that I had NO pain in my left ankle and was walking normally. I was convinced that I had severely damaged my achilles tendon and was going to hobble for months before I could walk again! Amazing, and thanks.
Teacher - J T

I felt quite tearful when I left your house, but it was "good" tearful. I was thinking about my "coming home" and had a strong sense of coming from a place of love and having lots of love to give - and it's where I want to be. The tears were happy ones (because I'm on my way home) and a bit sad - because I came from a place of love as a child and got very lost for a very long time. It's good though.
Admin Officer - M C

I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for the weekend. It was a great and interesting two days and you made me so welcome. You are a fantastic, generous and intuitive tutor and mentor. I felt disappointed that I was unable to say any of this, but as you are aware, I felt quite overwhelmed with emotion. Still don’t quite understand what happened…. Can’t wait to try out some EFT….
Life Coach and EFT level 2 attendee - M M

I’ve been trying to find a way to express in just a few words, the effect that you, Jin Shin Jyutsu and EFT have had on my life, but it is so hard to describe such an experience. At our first Jin Shin Jyutsu session I experienced something very profound and beautiful and changes have been occurring ever since, inside, outside and on all levels – physically, emotionally and most definitely, spiritually.

EFT has been such a joy. At first I was skeptical and the concept of "energy psychology" was new and strange to me. However, I decided to keep an open mind and explore... After the first EFT Support Group, I worked deeply on gratitude, as well as forgiveness. The results have been amazing, particularly when people I have had problems relating to have approached me, reflecting warmth, love, forgiveness and kindness... I'm rediscovering what a delight life can be! Thank you, again and again, Ranjana, for being you, for being in my life and for helping me to find the joy in being me.
Retired Legal Secretary - F T

My background is science and I have worked as a design engineer. The first time I encountered EFT I thought it was absolutely bizarre. It was so peculiar that I believed that it would never work and even laughed. My views changed rapidly once I experienced the results. Using it has led me to become more confident and secure about myself with a much more positive attitude. I have used it on many people and most have benefited. In some cases EFT can produce positive life-changing effects in only a few minutes, from the removal of pain to the relief of those day-to-day problems that weigh us down and even to long standing problems of 30 years or more. It always amazes me that something so simple can be so effective.
EFT Level 3 Practitioner S G

…THANKYOU for all your love, care, teaching, patience, wisdom, and light…. Now, I can see where I am now clearly and it feels like I’ve gone home :-) I consider myself so fortunate you've been my EFT master....You’ve opened up my world and made it bright x…
Teacher, EFT Level 3 Trainee N S

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